Lawn Games

If you are looking for a way to entertain and enchant your guests, and you want to make the most of your beautiful venue's outside space, why not book our Lawn Games?

We've selected the most popular throwing games and some of our favourite ball games to provide you and your guests of all ages with hours of outdoor fun on the day of your wedding or special celebration. The games are also perfect to complement any Garden Party and other outdoor events. Our Lawn Games usually come in a bundle of six and are fully installed and managed. Our games are created out of natural materials, resulting in beautiful pieces that are a pleasure to play with. For the best price, combine them with our Magic Mirror or Mobile Photobooth.

Some of our most popular Lawn Games

Viking Chess

garden games lawn


Also referred to as Kubb, this is one of our favourite garden games and was highly regarded as an excellent strategy game during the middle ages.

Tumble Tower

lawn games

You'll need a steady hand for this classic lawn game, also referred to as Jenga after the original tower building game, which is excellent when it comes to outdoor family gatherings, parties and other social events.



lawn games

This is a very popular garden ball game in France – did you know that across the Channel it's called Petanque?

Ring toss

garden games ring toss

This is a game where rope rings are thrown to land around a peg to score points, and is everyone's favourite classic fairground game.



garden game skittle

This is a traditional game that has been played in Britain for centuries and is still a popular game choice for many. These beautiful wooden skittles are a joy to play with and will keep your guests entertained.

Noughts & Crosses

giant garden games

Noughts and Crosses is a surprisingly addictive and simple game played by two people! This is Laura's favourite game to play – probably because it's the easiest!

Finnish Skittles

Photo to come!

This is a centuries-old game of throwing wooden skittle bats at skittles to knock them from the square of play using as few throws as possible.

Tug of War

lawn games tog of war

Kick-off those party shoes and show them how it's done! Test your guests’ strength and challenge them to this all-time favourite game of tug of war.

Golf ladder

lawn games golf ladder

Often referred to as ladder toss, and is a throwing game played by two players or teams.

Giant Yatze

A dice game of skill and chance.

If we may make a suggestion, our most popular Garden Games bundle is:

Viking Chess, Boules, Tumble Tower (Kids love it!), Ring Toss, Golf ladder and Noughts and Crosses

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