Garden Parties

If you are planning a memorable party or event and want to create a classically traditional feel, look no further than our wide range of Garden Party items. We have an extensive range of games and garden furniture that you can mix and match together to create a beautiful and personalised day. 



Garden Games

We have a wide range of garden games, beautifully made of quality materials. Your guests will love remembering a childhood favourite or learning something new. Suitable for adults and children, so get the whole family involved with fun and traditional lawn games.

Tent, Hammocks & Canopies

We are proud to offer a range of beautiful and spacious Bell Tents, superbly comfortable Giant Hammocks and square canvas Canopies. All are made of natural materials, heavy pieces of cotton and canvas, for a classic look and quality feel, and are guaranteed to add comfort and style to your party.  Places to relax, chat and shelter from the sun or the unpredictable English weather.

Tree canopy Party

We also offer tree canopy parties, if you are interested head to our enquiry page and get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.

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